The Meade Station Church of God was started in 1924 when the Boyd County Board of Education granted a request to use this one-room schoolhouse (top right) for Sunday services. At first, just a few families that were within walking distance of the school were able to attend. In 1925 the building was made available for full-time services. The Ashland Church of God was very helpful in providing several young ministers to come and preach to the small congregation. Frank Manning was considered to be the first recognized pastor of the church. In 1942 the building was totally destroyed by fire. Individual homes were opened to the congregation so that services could continue. 

    In 1943, under the direction of Pastor Asa Layne, the congregation managed to purchase a small piece of ground and a church sanctuary was constructed in 1944 (2nd row right). Curt Kazee did the block work and Jay Sparks did the carpentry work. There was no air conditioning and the church was heated with a coal stove in the middle of the room. There were no restrooms or classrooms, but the congregation was proud of their new facility and had a desire to come worship. A large church bell would be rung and the call to worship was heard three times a week all around the community. Pastor Layne was succeeded by his brother, Henry Layne, in 1946.

    In 1949, three Sunday School rooms were added to the rear of the building. In the mid 1950's, additional Sunday School rooms were added to the front of the building (3rd row left). Rev. Moses Kitchen came to pastor in 1951. The classrooms in the rear of the church also served as living quarters for the pastor. In 1956, soon after Virgil Harmon came to pastor, the church purchased its first parsonage for $6800. Enough funds were borrowed to add a bathroom to the parsonage and two restrooms to the church. This building served well under the leadership of Pastors Harley Johnson and Charles Towriss.

In the mid- 1960's a building fund was started by the Crusaders Sunday School Class. The construction of a new church building began in 1968. In October of 1968, just a few weeks prior to moving into the new sanctuary, once again a devastating fire destroyed the building. Out of the ashes came a determined group of people that immediately began a new building that was completed in March 1969 (4th row left). David Unrue served as pastor following Pastor Towriss' resignation in April 1969. Harley Johnson later came to serve the church for a second time. Bro. Orville Easterling became our pastor in 1972 and led the congregation in new construction that included a fellowship hall, kitchen, additional classrooms, an office, and restrooms.

    A fellowship hall was added in 1977-1978 (4th row right) and was completed the year that Charles Freed came to pastor. The church continued to grow and people were saved. In March of 1983, Larry McCallister Sr. came to pastor us and he led the church for the next six and half years. In 1988 the church purchased the Wellman property across the street for parking. Charles Ervin was elected pastor in April of 1990 and served the church for almost nine years. In 1992 yet another fire caused considerable damage to the facility which led to repairs and the additional of classroom space and a balcony in the sanctuary. Terry Clayton came to pastor in September of 2000 and served for over two years. Following Pastor Clayton, Robert Jordan returned to his home community and home church to pastor on June 29, 2003.

    In 2003 the church purchased 43 acres across the street with hope to develop this property and expand the ministry of the church in the Ashland Community. In 2009, a picnic shelter was constructed and restrooms were completed in 2010. On September 25, 2011, the church approved the construction of a multipurpose building to be used as a sanctuary and educational complex (5th row left). The new building has a large kitchen, library, nursery, pastoral studies, sanctuary, and secretary's office all on the ground floor. A large lobby is often repurposed for parties, food service, meetings, and reception. It is hoped that a permanent sanctuary can be built in the next 5 years. Pastor Jordan has demonstrated terrific leadership while directing this construction process.

    On April 17, 2016 the mortgage on the loan for the new building was shredded with tremendous enthusiasm. Present, State Pastor Darryl Allen challenged the church to not allow the freedom from debt to allow us to become complacent, but rather to be our catalyst for thriving ministry. We look forward to what God will do through the church at Meade Station!


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